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I would like to start this unorthodox post by saying that I’ve really had fun and learned a lot while writing for Lifestyles of the Organized during the past six and a half months. When I started this blog in October, I never knew where it would go. But I can say with assurance that it has exceeded my expectations.

Does this sound like a resignation speech? Well, it isn’t–at least not exactly. You see, I’ve developed hand and wrist tendinitis over the last few months. At first I thought I could just cut back a little and make some changes to my ergonomics setup. For example, I am dictating this post using Microsoft’s voice recognition software (which is pretty cool by the way).

The problem is, the only thing that really cures tendinitis is rest. I’ve been avoiding this conclusion for some time because it requires drastic changes in my day to day life (i.e. we use our hands for everything). But I want to get better, so that means I need to do what I need to do.

Of course, I couldn’t approach this issue without doing a little organizing. In deciding what sorts of changes I was going to implement, I made a few lists. I wrote down all the major ways I use my hands aggressively throughout the day and prioritized them. Unfortunately, Lifestyles of the Organized was one of those activities I decided to cut–at least for now. I plan to go on a hiatus from most activities that involve the computer because that seems to be the main source of my tendinitis. How long this will be I do not know and neither does my doctor. All I know is that healing requires rest.

What does this mean for the future of Lifestyles of the Organized? After my hiatus of undetermined length I will reevaluate my priorities and see if I can return. Until then I just want to focus on getting better.

Thank you to my loyal readers who have made writing about all things organization that much more fun. Until next time! 🙂


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Lifestyles of the Organized is currently on HIATUS so my hand and wrist tendinitis can heal.  Thanks for stopping by!

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