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Today marks the beginning of an exciting new series called Houseplant Hacks that will be featured here at Lifestyles of the Organized on Mondays for the next two months. Houseplants Hacks is something I could have used two years ago when my husband and I moved into our new home and I quickly discovered that I could now own plants (prior to that I was moving around too much for it to be practical). One houseplant turned into two houseplants which turned into three houseplants, and so on. Pretty soon I had built up quite the collection and I found myself a bit overwhelmed with all the intricacies that make up being a houseplant owner.

Even if you own just one houseplant, you will quickly realize that it costs you money, takes up some of your space, and requires a little bit of your time if you want it to go on living. Add a few more plants to your collection and it becomes almost essential to have a plan in place to successfully manage them so they don’t manage you! After I rapidly accumulated all my houseplants, I needed advice. I needed organization. I needed houseplant hacks.

Why houseplants?

Perhaps you aren’t a total plant nut like me (I took botany classes in college for FUN), and you’ve always wondered why people bother to have one more thing in their homes to further complicate their lives. Here are just a few reasons why houseplants are great to have around:

  • Houseplants are pleasing. I for one will be the first to tell you that a good houseplant just brightens my day. Plants are beautiful living things and can have calming, pleasing effects on human beings, boosting morale and even productivity.
  • Houseplants add a little ‘summer’ to your home in winter. If you live in a climate like mine, you begin to miss outdoor green life when snow continues to fall month after month. Having houseplants indoors can help you get through those long winters and keep a little ‘summer’ around when you need it the most.
  • Houseplants make great decorations. Any interior decorator would tell you that a plant can be the perfect accent to a room. A beautiful houseplant adds color, interest, and even style.
  • Houseplants are healthy. Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and in turn release oxygen, maintaining more healthful levels in the air we breathe. Furthermore, plants help purify air by filtering out chemicals and pollutants.
  • Houseplants are great teaching tools. There’s no better way to teach your kids (or yourself!) basic skills when it comes to caring for a living thing than with a simple houseplant. What’s more, plants also have the ability to teach their owners a bit about patience.

What to expect from Houseplant Hacks

Each installment of Houseplants Hacks will be in two parts. The first part will outline a particular topic regarding houseplant management and organization. Look for time-saving tips when it comes to care schedules, money-saving tips when it comes to buying plants & supplies, and space-saving tips when it comes to choosing plants and arranging them in your home.

The second part of each installment will spotlight an actual houseplant. I will choose houseplants that are popular, fairly easy to care for, and ideally stress-free so you can have some good ideas about which houseplants might be best for your lifestyle.

Overall I hope that Houseplant Hacks can help you enjoy your plants without any hassle. I’ll be sharing from personal experience about what worked and what didn’t work—with the ultimate goal of helping you maintain an organized lifestyle even with something as simple as the little green friend your keep on your nightstand.

Reader Reflection

If you own a houseplant or two, I’d love to hear your reasons why. Please feel free to share here.


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Well today sees the conclusion of this week’s series, Organize My Wardrobe. My hope is that you have learned several new ideas you can take to your homes and apply to your clothes collection. Here’s a quick review of the topics we covered this week:

  • Clothes Clutter Control Part 1: Sorting through your clothes to discover what you should get rid of in order to cut clutter and only keep what you really need.
  • Clothes Clutter Control Part 2: Creatively selling or donating the clothes you decided to get rid of in order to make a little money or help someone in need.
  • Clothes Arranging 101: Logical organization of your wardrobe storage areas to allow easier access and more efficient use of space.
  • Savvy Shopping: Money-saving shopping tips when it comes time to have to buy new clothes.

Long-term strategies

If you’ve taken steps to get your wardrobe organized, then good for you! But keep in mind that these first steps are only part of the overall process—you have to figure out a way to keep your wardrobe organized in the long term. Below I want to outline some simple steps you can take to maintain your new lifestyle and continue to enjoy its benefits.

  • Schedule regular clothes sorting days throughout the year. Or better yet, just always have the habit of monitoring your closets and dressers and keeping an eye out for clothes you no longer wear for whatever reason. Staying on top of this will prevent clutter from building back up again.
  • When you remove something, put it back exactly where you found it. If you are trying to arrange your closet by type and color, your system will quickly break down if you start putting clothes back in places where they don’t belong. Consciously make an effort to stick to your system.
  • Whenever you shop, try to save. Don’t only plan to find deals every once and a while. Strive to get deals every time you shop. It will take a little more effort, but your bank account will appreciate it and you’ll quickly develop an attitude where you won’t settle for anything less than an amazing price.
  • Develop an outlook that less is more. Do you really need that extra pair of jeans? Does your wife have to buy a brand new dress for the upcoming charity event? Maintaining an attitude of buying and owning less will help you control clutter, save money, and reduce stress. It’s okay to treat yourself every once and a while (I know I do!), but be reasonable and always be thinking about the impact your purchase will have.

Wisdom from the web

I follow other great blogs on the internet and recently I’ve come across some useful tips relating to my wardrobe series that I thought I could share with you all!

The first tip comes from Kelly at Almost Frugal in a recent post, ‘How to Look Fabulous, Frugally.’ She outlines five categories of clothes that she needs to have around: grungy, lounge around, nice casual, business clothes, and fancy dress clothes. Then she asks herself the following questions to decide which clothes she should actually keep: “Do I love this? Does this look good on me? Do I wear it? Is it in good condition? Does it fit into one of the categories of clothes I need?”

The second tip I’d like to share comes from Amy at My Daily Dollars in a recent post, ‘One Weekend to Shop.’ She discusses fall shopping tips and one of the best pieces of advice she gives is to shop for one color family. She offers that “if you buy several pieces that work together, you’ll get more mileage. Odds are that they will also fit in with what you have at home.” She also reminds us that spending a little more money to get longer-lasting high quality clothes could pay off in the end because “as we all know, frugal does not equal cheap!”

Reader Reflection

After a week of wardrobe organizing tips, do you have any further ideas to share?

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